10-1 Lab Subnet – Class C Private Network Assignment

In this chapter, you subnetted a Class C private network into six subnets. In this project, you work with a Class B private network. Complete the steps as follows:

  1. Your employer is opening a new location, and the IT director has assigned you the task of calculating the subnet numbers for the new LAN. You’ve determined that you need 50 subnets for the Class B network beginning with the network ID How many host bits will you need to use for network information in the new subnets?
  2. After the subnetting is complete, how many unused subnets will be waiting on hold for future expansion, and how many possible hosts can each subnet contain?
  3. What is the new subnet mask?
  4. Complete the following table:
    Subnet number Extended network prefix Range of host addresses Broadcast address
    1 through
    2 through
    3 through
  5. What is the CIDR notation for this network?
  6. What is the broadcast address of the subnet for the host at
  7. Is the host at on the same subnet as the host at How do you know?

Using MS Word only, record your answers.

Your answer must be a minimum of one page, single spaced, Times Roman 12-point font.

Save the file as

CP10-1XXX.docx. Substitute your first, middle, and last name initials in place of XXX. Attach and submit the document on Blackboard.

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