2 – Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

ScenarioYou are a new manager at Elliot Building Supplies International who has seen huge success in managing your global team remotely. This success has been shown in the team outcomes/production and employee satisfaction and engagement. Senior leadership has taken notice of your success and has asked you to create a presentation to share with your peers, who also manage remotely, that explains the best collaboration tools for remote teams. Also, you will explain the best way to manage effectively and create a motivating and satisfying work environment that supports collaboration.InstructionsYou will need to include the following in your PowerPoint presentation.Presentation welcome/introduction slide.Collaboration tools that you have used to be successful.This should include at least 4 different types of tools.Each type should be explained in detail, along with the benefits it provides.Critical skills to successfully manage remote employees.Closing slide to share final thoughts and ideas.

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