Abortion Scenario and Reflection Debate

Abortion Scenario and Reflection Debate

kindly revise according to professors comments

attached is my paper with the professors comments

also I have attached the sources you need to use for references and citations just use those ones

My professor says the following


I do not know what you are attempting to do, but I cannot grade papers like this. Every source that

your provide does not match what you said the author or authors said. This is unacceptable.

I have attached all of the articles I were able to find to prove my point that it appears you are writing the paper and then randomly applying articles to particular sentences because I cannot find a match.

At this point I cannot award you any points for this paper because of the falsities you present in your writing.

I would be willing to regrade this paper, but you have to adhere to the following conditions.

1.) If you are using an outside source you must provide the URL or a PDF of the article so I can reference


2.) If you cite the source, the author or authors must have written it or I must be able to understand how

you paraphrased it. You need to include the page and/or paragraph is the page number is not available.

3.) Please do not use any more than three outside sources for your paper. For a paper this size you

should only need to cite the text and maybe one or two additional authors if they are relevantant

I will send the sources to be used

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