Amazon Web Services Case Study Analysis

THE TOPIC : An analysis of Amazon Web Services




Basically, you have to understand different aspects of your topic within cloud computing world and do a literature survey on the topic. You have to understand what is the topic all about and its associated challenges under cloud computing environment. For example, you can find one existing paper related to your topic (you may select one from the provided references above) and understand how the authors address the problem in their paper. Under this case, you need to understand the pros and cons of that work.

1. Project Proposal (10%) has to prepare a concise 2-page project proposal that should clearly state the problem you are solving, motivate why it is an important or interesting problem, present your initial research thoroughly and clearly, compare to any related work that may exist, summarize the new contributions you want to make,and your plan of attack (including milestones and dates). If your project requires any special resources, you also need to mention them.Your proposal should also list all the references, such as conference papers, journal articles, book chapters and web sources, that you have referred to during your project work. The proposal should not be a copy of various fragments from the sources you have found. Instead, you should try to write it in an organized manner, citing wherever necessary but adding your comments and modifications. The proposals will be evaluated based on technical content, writing styles, and organization.Please use your favourite text editing software, such as MS word or Latex, to prepare your report.

2. Project Final Report (20%): it need to prepare a final report based on the feedback received from the instructor. You need to include any new work performed since you submitted the proposal.need to prepare the final report based on the following guidelines – (i) report should consist of 5-7 pages, (ii) report should be in 12pt Times New Roman font with single line spacing, (ii) report should be organized into different sections, including abstract, introduction, problem statement, a description of the existing work along with its pros and cons (if applicable), conclusion (a description of what you learned and any points you think your classmates should know about your project) and references.You may include tables and figures, but include a caption for each one of them.

I will give 4 days to work, but I need the proposal be submitted in one day.

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