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Question 8.8. Intellectual property does not include which of the following?

  the lyrics and melody of a pop star’s latest single

  the recipe for a brand of soft drink

  the amount of steel used in a certain make and model of car

  a novelist’s handwritten manuscripts

Question 9.9. Let’s say, as a student, you’ve used the student version of a publishing program to create an advertising flyer for your family’s company. You have violated which of the following licensing agreements?


  installing the software on multiple computers

  peer-to-peer file sharing

  commercial use of noncommercial software

Question 10.10. Which describes the open-content method of publishing used by sites such as Wikipedia?

  Subscribers must pay for the ability to copy and modify content.

  Anyone can copy and modify content but requires permission first.

  Anyone can copy and modify content.

  A committee decides who gets to copy and modify content.

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