Beach Side Motel No Tell Motel Python Programming Question

The NoTell Motel is a beach side motel that has 20 rooms facing towards the beach and 20 rooms facing the parking lot.  Rooms 1-20 face the parking lot, and rooms 21-40 face the beach.  For each line in the ‘Guests.csv’ file, read in the guest name.  If the guest name has an ‘*’ at the end of the line, assign the guest to the beach-side room, otherwise assign the guest to the parking-lot side room.  

Design classes for representing Guests and Hotels.  You may add other classes if that will help your design effort.  After creating a Guest object, place the Guest in the appropriate room (beach side or parking lot side) in the Hotel object. Guests should NOT be double-booked into the same room number!  Output the parking-lot (rooms 1-20) and beach-side (rooms 21-40) in room order.  Implement a search function to find which room a guest is staying in.  Use comprehensions where possible.  Use Lists, instead of Dictionaries or Tuples, when containers are needed.

With comprehensions, and without the extra frills I added, this test can be done in about 50 lines of code, excluding the code used to test the classes.

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