“BI Tools: Performance Management in Small Businesses”– methodology paper

The Methodology paper is a research paper about BI Tools: Performance Management in Small Businesses”

This paper must include the reasons and justification for approach, a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed references, and follow the section outline below.


  • Methodology
  • Research Design
    • Describe and define the anticipated research approach or strategy to be used and how this approach is appropriate for this research
  • Participants
    • Describe the anticipated sample population (number, gender, age, socio-economics, etc.) including how you will obtain permission and consent
  • Instrumentation
    • Describe any instruments you anticipate using to collect data
  • Procedure
    • Provide the detail about how you anticipate conducting the research
  • Data Processing and Analysis
    • Explain, in detail, how you anticipate processing and analyzing collected data
  • Summary

Note: Lots of diagrams, charts, graphs needed to be added into the paper.

14 pages (diagrams or any charts would not be included)

0% plagiarism

15 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

Paragraph in-text citation (each and every paragraph need to be cited)

100% quality work needed

I need 0% plagiarized document with 100% quality work.

Each and every paragraph need to be cited.

Diagrams, charts and figures need to be cited.

%, Ratios need to be cited in the paper.

Try to avoid long sentences.

I need APA format paper

Note: Look at the attached document to get an idea on the topic (don’t rewrite the document).

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