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M4 AssignmentsMake sure you read and acquire the necessary knowledge explained in theM4 Outlinepage before attempting on this module’s assignments.Project R: Titanic1. Go on This is a website for Data Scientist to practice their skills on real-world datasets and solve real-world problems. You will need to sign up an account in order to access the data and problems on Kaggle.2. Find the web page forTitanic: Machine Leaning for Disaster (Links to an external site.). First, understand what the problem is, then download “train.csv” file under the “Data” tab.NOTE: this is a live competition for price. You are NOT required to participate in the competition. DO NOT submit your code on Kaggle. You will only need to analyze the train.csv data in this course.3. After completing Udacity lessons on Explore One Variable, perform at least TWO different analysis using One variable on the train.csv dataset.4. Create an RMD file and name it as Titanic.rmd. Inside this file, include your name (5 points)5. In the same RMD file, for each of the one-variable analysis you perform, explain:Why you want to perform this analysis. In other words, what question do you want to answer by performing this analysis? (20 points/analysis)What information/conclusion you get from the analysis result/plot. (20 points/analysis)In the RMD file, you must include R code in the R code chunks which will generate the results and plots. If the code is not included in the R code chunks, the maximum credit you can receive from this step is 20 points/analysis.6. At last, create an HTML report from this RMD file (15 points). Your HTML report must be knitted from the RMD file and must include plots. If plots do not show up in the HTML file, the maximum credit you can receive from this step is 5 points.SubmitHTML report and the RMD file.(HINT: the Tutorials on theTitanic: Machine Leaning for Disaster (Links to an external site.)main page provide many interesting examples)

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