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Question 4

The population of your hometown in 2018 is NN thousand people and is growing at the rate of 0.9% per year. Write a segment of code (not full method) to determine how many years will it take for the population to quadruple. Display result in a Message Box.

Use variable names and their values (NN) that would apply to your own hometown.

[Please use Do While loop]

Question 5

answer in complete details.

What is the output of the following segment of code, and where it will be displayed?

Assume “n” is the number of your computer (look at the right bottom corner of the screen or behind the screen).

listMathEquation.Items.Add (“My computer NUMBER is: “ + n);

for (int j = 5; j < 12; j += 5)
listMathEquation.Items.Add( (n + j*2) + ” = ” + n + “+ ” + “2 * ” + j);

my computer number is 18

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