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Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs):

Abstract: The main purpose of this discussion is to give brief research, development and the unique features of Wireless Sensor Networks in recent past to overcome the inference problem in communication networks.

  In the recent past years there were much advance development and progress in WSNs that significantly increased over the last decades in computer communication networking, wireless communication and integrated circuits. This field of research has major impact upon the many daily day to day used applications like environmental monitoring, surveillance and advance security detection and tracking system.

Summary: WSNs is integrated circuit technology with Sensing nodes which are powered by a battery that has capabilities of sensing, monitoring, computing and wireless communication over the distributed network to detect, determine, track and estimate the results in particular deployment area.

  Here in the summary of the this article the author talk about the features that had revitalized development in this area over the past and due to its advances research over the WSNs; WSN is mainly used in various fields of distributed detection, tracking and estimation purpose due to its high flexibility, robust and enhanced surveillance and mobility sensing but there are many inference problems that need to be consideration during the connection of sensors and the resources while communication over the networks in application like battlefield surveillance or any structural health management.

Applications used are invariably involve with statistical inference in environmental detection, estimation or tracking for example just take the use of thermal sensors that are remote to measure the heat sources and intensity in a manufacturing environment but the collected information to detecting and estimation used in WSNs is distributed across the network and wireless communication, so these parameters used in any decision making might prove to be wrong due to the distributed network inference that might alter the information collected over the network.

Let’s discuss the problems related to detection and parameter estimation. In WSN there are two main distributed inference problem detection there are:

Sensor-to-sensor wireless network communication; which is particular to general communication architecture in the network. There are two main algorithms underlying the sensors topology those are:

Star topology : One of the most common and simple used structured topology, where in all the sensors make individual observations and communicates with the gateway or fusion center directly but it has the limitation of scalability when nodes are at large distance from gateway will have poor connectivity.

Distributed topology: In this topology the decision rules at fusion is intertwined with each other in jointly to determine the output.

Sensor-to-resource management system; which is particular about the sensor resource management and energy consumption.

Conclusion: In short WSN is formed with the group of sensors which in turn formed by sensor nodes each node equipped with electronic microcontroller circuits to transmit the radio signals with an antenna powered by battery that are connected together in the wireless distributed network for measuring various environmental conditions remotely or locally in diverse locations. There are many efforts to develop and deploy efficient WSN to fulfill the various application needs in any geographical constraints. The different deployment strategies and design criteria for WSN are develop to ensure the complete monitoring considering the limitation of power constraint and area of coverage with technically non feasible issues of the network not reachable by the data collectors from the sensors due to the locations constrains.


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