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Project D: Concept Paper Prep

For the questions chosen in Project C, state carefully the problem that you are attempting to solve (i.e. the problem statement), the purpose of the study, and the significance of the study in relation to the academic and/or business world. In addition, include in your research potential theoretical concepts that would serve as the academic foundation for your study. The problem statement should begin with, “The problem to be addressed is…” The purpose statement should begin, “The purpose of this qualitative [type of qualitative study] study is…” The total submission must be at least 800 words to accurately reflect the problem, purpose, and significance of the study. Remember, the problem, the purpose, and the significance must have context, and must not be merely listed in bullet form. This assignment requires both an annotation page, as well as reference page for scholarly resources. There must be at least 10 sources.


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