Create Database Prototype, computer science homework help

One of our clients wants a team to design and implement a Database Management System for the their company. The team will need to deliver a well-tested and live prototype of the proposed RDBMS. The implemented RDBMS (prototype) must be at the level and details that could be expanded later.


In this Module the database will be created. The Database will be populated from a given databank with sufficient data to represent a reasonable model of the actual large database. The database will be tested for the database defined requirements.

Module Competencies:

  • Determine the SQL (DDL and DML) requirements to support an organizations data needs.

Task 4:

Create a Prototype of the database to include sample database tables, Database Test Plan document, and Project Status

  • Complete the prototype development of the database.
  • Complete the database test plan document.
  • Populate the database (DML) with data from the company databank.
  • Test the database for defined requirements, including security requirements.

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