CS4445 Jiangsu Superiority Of TCP IP Over OSI Model with Regard to Networking Layering Summary

Students for your final project please select a net

working topic related to the Hybrid OSI

– TCP/IP architecture from the textbook (Page 45 Fi

gure 2-6) and (Page 48 Figure 2-7)

and conduct a 4 – 6 research paper on the layer or

topic of your choice. This is an

individual assignment and your topics are due the e

nd of week 3 on September 1, 2019. I

will have to approve the topic before you can submi

t your project summary or outline and

begin researching the topic. Also, your outline or

project summary will be due week 4 on

September 8th, 2019. Please email me your topic and

also if you have questions about

choosing a topic for a particular layer then please

do not hesitate to contact me. Your

research paper will be 4 – 6 typed pages excluding

any illustrations or tables you include

in the paper. Your paper must be in APA or MLA form

at and minimum of 2 in text

citations and 1 reference with a reference page att

ached. I am looking forward to assisting

anyone that may need help selecting a topic and rea

ding your final paper and let’s have a

wonderful time researching networking !!

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