Current and Future Applications

Write a response of 250-300 words addressing the following three prompts. Address all items for each prompt. This is not a question-and-answer assignment but two or three flowing paragraphs and possibly references.

1. Current and Future Applications: Choose a specific topic or concept studied in Modules 5-9 (listed below) that you find applicable in your work or personal life now or in the future. You can include the prerequisite topics also. If it is in the future, you may need to research job duties in your career area of studies.  Note: Saying “none” is not acceptable. Choose something closely applicable and address the following prompts:

· Describe the topic or concept and give an example of how and where it is applicable (currently or in the future).

· What did you know and understand about this concept before studying it in MATH 106?

· Describe what (more) you learned about it.

· What do you find (more) interesting about the topic now? Explain.

· Do you think it will be applicable in more ways now? How and why?

2. Retroactive Applications: Have you learned about a topic or concept that has helped you in the past without realizing it?

1. Give the concept and explain your experience.

2. Are you using it currently? Where?

3. Soft Skills: Soft skills are related to General Education Competencies. They are non-technical skills used in doing your job. Some examples are listening, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, time management, communication, flexibility, self-motivation, positivity, diplomacy, public speaking, networking, dependability, organization, etc. Having soft skills is as valuable to an employer as your hard (or technical) skills. Think about what soft skills you learned by taking this course that will apply to your current or future career.

1. Choose two soft skills from the list above or research some independently. For each one, describe in a few sentences how you used it in this class and how you will use it in your current or future career.

2. You may find it helpful to review the  General Education Competencies (Links to an external site.)  page, your  Module 1 Discussion: Introduction and Career Connections  posts, and the  Module 5 Assignment: Midterm Reflection (PLG1).




List of Modules:

Module5: Proportions, Joint Variations, Inverse Variations

Module6: Factoring

Module7: Solving Quadratic Equations

Module8: Geometry

Module9: Trigonometry

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