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Here I’m considering two computerized operating Systems UNIX and Andriod and Describing as per my knowledge and from some sources as follows.

The UNIX working framework is nearly equivalent to the Unix working framework which has a few numbers of logical applications especially coming about because of the meteorology. UNIX be that as it may, is a machine without anyone else and free which a key preferred standpoint. The portion being the most minimal layer of the working framework is in charge of the information stockpiling and equipment gadgets and other frequently booked work (Shacklette, 2004).

The UNIX working framework is like windows, for example, VMS, PCs and VAX frameworks. In that capacity, it is a working framework that allows the clients to give PC directions without the need of managing low-level machines language which the PC equipment uses. Moreover, UNIX licenses less demanding customization of the earth of the client so as to satisfy the tastes of a person.

The Android working framework on the opposite side, instead of alternate OS, for example, Apples Ios Android applications are frequently recorded in Java and work in virtual machines. This framework is fundamentally founded on the Linux which is changed to allow Android to play out its assignments adequately and productively in gadgets, for example, cell phones, cell phones, and web tablets. It is imperative to take note of that Android OS works its preparing condition through the named cover which licenses effective between procedure interchanges.

The real questions are in this way disseminated in shared memory through using the mutual memory the IPC is frequently enhanced since the measure of information exchanged is less.

Nonetheless, the Android working framework can be named as a stage made for the advancement of cell phones, reference structure for equipment versatile, gadgets and UI and application system (Matthews, 2011).

Notwithstanding that, Android OS offer their own administration control foundation which is planned on the processor premise thus does not expend and control.

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One of the most widely used Operating systems I would like to mention here is Linux which is everywhere from smartphones, cars, home appliances and almost most of the other electronic devices which run in Linux environment. Its been there since the 90s. They are more secure and reliable compared to other operating systems.

Linux is covered by different units they are Bootloader. The kernel which is the core that manages the CPU, Internal memory and devices. Daemons are the background applications that are printing, volume and scheduling. Shell is also known as the command bar controls the computer through the commands which are passed. There are many desktop environments in Linux some of them are GNOME, KDE and they provide their own applications.

Some of the advantages of adopting to Linux is reliability, cost-effectiveness they provide free license and easy to install and can be used in multiple systems. They are free from cyber attacks which helps in data protection. Linux servers can last for years without rebooting this is one major reason most of the electronics run on Linux environment. The installation process is very easy with respect to all other operating systems.

The other widely used operating system after Windows and Linux is Unix and it was developed by AT&T in the 1970s. Interaction of Unix depends on command line operating system by typing commands and Graphical user interface (GUI) which has navigation to operate.

There are many advantages of Unix operating they can be installed in a number of PCs including microcomputers and supercomputers. They are very stable with respect to Windows and do not hang often which has less maintenance. They have better security features and has greater processing power then windows. Most of the internet depends on Unix environment. I have personally used Unix environments and I like the commands once we are used to those commands, they are very flexible and feels like using the real computer and working on a better environment. Most of the scheduled jobs take less compilation time and less workspace compared to windows environments so most of my clients prefer Unix over Windows environment. Some of the versions of Unix are AIS, BSD, HP-UX. One of the main drawbacks is it is not portable. It has a good multi-tasking capability where we can process multiple operations at the same time. Unix is also not freely available and not as reliable as Linux.

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