Discussion board

you must complete this discussion board using these textbook as primary reference https://pdf.k0nsl.org/C/Computer%20and%20Internet%…(Eric D.knaap(2014))and you must add reference to bellow Each point with page numbers from above textbook Example(knaap,2014, pg.no68)

To participate in this discussion please complete the following steps:

  • Research the topic of risk assessment especially as it relates to Industrial Control Systems
  • Within the discussion board for ICS Risk Assessment, create a new thread and post your thoughts that cover the following points:
    • What is the definition of risk as it applies to Industrial Control System Assets?
    • How are risk, vulnerability, and threats related?
    • Explain how one might measure risk in ICS systems.Discuss how different levels of risk might impact how systems are protected from APT threats.
    • Provide an example of a company or facility that is high risk and explain why you picked that company or facility.

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