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Part 1: Reference: Chapters 8 & 9 in Computer Security Fundamentals
If you were part of a government entity, what would you say about the potential benefits and drawbacks of encryption? Be sure to cite examples from credible sources to support you answers.

Part 2: Reference:Chapter 8 in System Forensics, Investigation, and Response

During this module, you explored the topics of Windows forensics, including Windows logs, directories and index files from which evidence may be obtained.

  • Identify all the log file names.
  • Discuss what type of evidence can be found in each one, and alternative sources for the same or supporting evidence.

In preparing your response, include at least one source from professional or academic literature—such as articles from peer-reviewed journals and relevant textbooks. For this course, Wikipedia is not considered an academic or professional reference. Also, be sure to proofread and spellcheck your responses. All sources should be formatted using APA guidelines.

Requirement for each part:
370 word (Half page)
2 credible scholar source
15% similarity allowed.

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