Discussion: Introduction and Hardware Overview

How can the hardware and software needs of a business or organization be determined?

Throughout the course, you will use TestOut software to view lessons and complete quizzes on a variety of topics. Once the course is complete, you can continue to complete the chapters in TestOut and take the PC Pro Certification exam for free. It is critical to review all of the TestOut material identified each week. That is what will prepare you for discussion forums, milestones, and the final project. The purpose of using TestOut every week is to introduce you to a variety of considerations when preparing for and analyzing the technology needs of a business. Do not be overwhelmed by the amount of material you will cover each week; the purpose of this course is to introduce you to a wide breadth of information regarding IT business needs, not to explore the depth of technical content.

In this module, the first topic is an overview of hardware and software components. Modules One through Five and Module Eight also incorporate discussion prompts as a learning activity. Participating in discussion forums is a way to collaborate with peers, share knowledge and ideas, and begin to build a professional network. In this course, discussions will not require citations. Take a moment to review the Discussion Rubric document for details.

Determining business goals is important to ensuring the successful completion of a project. When developing a project, stakeholders often develop what is referred to as a business requirements document. This can be considered a living document, one that can change as project planning progresses.


You have been hired by an organization as a business consultant. What kind of questions would you ask as you begin to assess the technology needs of the company? Create questions that will help you determine the following:

1. The goal of the project
2. The hardware needs to complete the task, including peripherals
3. The software needs to complete the task

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