Draw up a Report

Look at things from a Cyber Security standpoint.

Include recent threats/breaches/cyber attacks.

Write-up information on risks and vulnerabilities

Identify countermeasures to reduce risk

Include Legal implications and Laws

Prepare and submit your report using Microsoft Word (use the following captions and place paragraphs/bullet points underneath them):

  • Topic: Pipeline
  • Two (2) Current Threats/Breaches/Cyber Attacks (web pages/pictures can be included)
  • Risks/Vulnerabilities (correlate risks/vulnerabilities to the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls)
  • Countermeasures (what could be implemented to reduce risk)
  • Legal Implications
  • Laws/Regulation/Government Requirements (include Web Links)
  • How would you protect the computers/infrastructure in your company? Include in your answer information on vendors and security technology/products.
  • Internet References

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