Ethics and Privacy in Information Security, computer science homework help

Discuss the criteria and decision process you would use for making hardware and software purchases.

Use the following scenario as a basis for your discussion: A local private school has aging hardware and software in its classrooms. Students, teachers, and parents have complained and are asking the school’s directors to purchase new technology to better prepare students for life after graduation.

In your learning team, determine the process and the criteria you would use to select new software and hardware for the classrooms. Use the following questions as a guide.

  • What steps are needed to select a brand and model?
  • What criteria should be applied to making the best software choices?
  • How will you determine what needs to be done to ensure security and privacy for the new computers?
  • How will you describe the rationale for your choices and the benefits to the students, teachers, and school?

Also – please make sure to use APA format (e.g. include a title page with your name on it, and if use any references, make sure to include the in-text citation and reference page. Hint – I expect at least one reference used in every paper and try and avoid the use of person pronouns (I/we/me/you/etc)

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