Floyds 99 Barbershop Acceptable Use Policy Document Paper

Using the same groups used to create an Acceptable Use Policy for a company. The company as listed below

3. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop


The AUP should be constructed with the intent to maintain proper control and care of the intent and use of computer equipment in an academic setting. Not all situations may be easily described in the document. Ethical issues may arise that will not easily fall into a certain situation outlined in the AUP.

There are four ethical paradigms to be considered when establishing policies for computers used in an organization: ethics of justice, ethics of care and ethics of the profession.

The ethic of justice ensures proper compliance with society as a whole. Computer use is constantly changing. There is no legislature that outlines all aspects of computer use. Some things have yet to be discovered. As the laws and rules change, so should the AUP to reflect them.

When considering the ethics of care, it should be understood that there may be employees that may share in personal or moral values of the institutions. Organizations must attempt to eliminate any inequalities that may exist in the organization.

The ethics of the profession requires a leader’s self-examination. Means that those imposing restrictions and conditions should not impose their personal views on the policies. A professional will recognize their strengths andweaknesses and build strong policies without personal influences.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the network must be completely operational. You must create and develop an Acceptable Use Policy document (AUP) for our datacenter.

Each documented section will have a narrative discussing the rationale for the policy with supporting references.

Create a flyer that can be distributed to the employees of your assigned company that does the following:

Explain what is the purpose of an acceptable use case policy

Why is it important

What your assigned company will put in its own policy

Explain the 6 key areas of an AUP

  • a preamble,
  • a definition section,
  • a policy statement,
  • an acceptable uses section,
  • an unacceptable uses section, and.
  • a violations/sanctions section.

Please develop another flyer/brochure that addressed the consequences or interceptions for those (Persons) that do not comply to the rules and policies in which you developed in your submitted acceptable Use Policy flyer/brochure

Steps to complete this assignment:

  1. Use the acceptable use policy that you just created
  2. Perform research on potential threats to a system based on missteps by the user. Please consider all users: secretaries, system administrators, chief officers, guess account, etc..
  3. Based on the suer what are the consequences for violating the policies (the ones in your acceptable use policy
  4. Come of with ways using open sources tools, etc.. to prevent the users from making mistakes or not following the policy if you can.

Here is an example: The secretary at your company was warned not to answer emails that she is not familiar with or that target her. Within two weeks of the warning she answered a phishing attempt. This caused major problems with the server in which her information is housed

The consequences for the secretary– is to attend a mandatory half-day training sponsored by the Division of Technology at your company that address social engineering.

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