Hi,My professor says all my calculations are wrong. I have included two of my classmates calculations as guiuldelines. The answers seem to be correct but YOU NEED TO ENTER IT IN EXCEL USING THE EXCEL CALCULATOR. my professor wants to see that you know how to use excel to do calculations. If you downloand these documents, you ll see that the calculation has been done with excel.Please do your own calculations (answer should be the same as these ones listed), make sure your work does not look the same as these (use a different color or format or remove the highlighted parts, change the title— anything). Also the answers you use should help with the paper. I could not get all of the answers  ( am not sure if the answer of part 1 or 3 of the assignment is in this excel but I have included a document that my professor said might help wiht the calculations. ompanion/gapenski_finance/onli ne%20appendix%20a.pdfAnother persons workMy professors response is in orange. Show original message

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