Hacking Concepts Discussion Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation of 8–10 slides

As the Lead Security Analyst in your organization, you have been asked by the Chief Security Officer to prepare a presentation that would introduce concepts, skills and tools used by hackers to compromise systems. You should include information about the following:

  1. What is a hash, and how does it play a role with passwords?
  2. What are the locations of passwords in:
    • UNIX/Linux
    • Windows
    • Mac OSX
  3. What are the methods or permissions needed to view the passwords for all three operating systems?
  4. Describe the process of password cracking, and include a discussion about the following attacks:
    • Dictionary
    • Brute force
    • Rainbow tables
  5. Describe at least 3 tools used for password cracking; include at least 1 for Windows and 1 for UNIX/Linux.

Please add your file.

8-10 slides

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