Hologram Calls Technological Advancement Discussion

Computers of the Future-Embedded computers keep turning up in new places. They can be found in cars, household appliances, smoke detectors, and thermostats too, enabling us to interact with even more of these “smart” devices every day. What common objects do you think might benefit from an embedded computer? What capabilities can you envision?

Additional information can be found in the Computer Concepts eText pages 49, 118 and 131. (Chapters 2 and 5)

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Technology has come so far and I do not really keep up with everything we have today. I know they now have technology to set the oven and control your refrigerator when your not home which I think is really cool. We already have the Alexa in most rooms of our house and she turns lights on/off, sets the A/C temperature for us, and turns our fans on. To think of that is just a “wow” factor for me.

I’d really like to see embedded computers used more in cars, airplanes, and at work. For cars and airplanes I could only imagine the endless possibilities there could be to maybe assist with control of the vehicle or airplane lessening the risk of accidents. As far as work is concerned- wouldn’t it be great to just tell the computer what you would like it to do using words and it doing it for you. Forget the days of learning all the wonderful tools in programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The day you can that software what you envision and see it come to life would be amazing to me!


Growing up in the time that I did, I think I have been very lucky to see technology make amazing leaps in progress.
Portable personal music has moved from analog to digital, television and movies, in large part, have moved from analog to digital,
even the games we play have greatly moved on to digital.
With technology today, even doorbells are digital, with sound and cameras- you can “answer” the door of your house from a whole other state. People have their homes wired with current products like The Echo, with Alexa and and such, to operate many of the simple, day-to-day tasks and activities- cars are following suit.
I can hardly imagine the things that don’t already have some sort of computerization, let alone what is yet to come…
…I’m still waiting for my jet-pack to drive work.
If I were to venture a guess and try to think of something that could be a thing of the future, it would probably be to combine things like the Fit Bit and the like, and products like Life Alert. A wearable device that can monitor your body’s overall health and homeostasis, while simultaneously adding information to your current medical file with your PCP. They could message you to tell you “You’re probably going to be sick this weekend, don’t make big plans. Your prescription will be ready for pick-up on Friday by 2pm”.
…I’d settle for a flying car at this point!

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