Individual: Organizational Data Flow

Resources: The® video “Word 2016 Essential Training” with David Rivers

You have recently been hired as a Cybersecurity Intern with a medium-sized company that is growing very rapidly. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is trying to understand the importance of the Cyber Domain that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) keeps talking about when they discuss expanding the business. The CISO has asked you to write an email to the CIO that explains the scope of the Cyber Domain, common assets of the Cyber Domain, and important milestones in its development.

Write a 350-to 700-word email using Microsoft® Word to the CIO explaining the following:

  • Clearly define the term “Cyber Domain”
  • Accurately describe the maritime, space, and physical domains
  • Accurately describe three milestones in the development of communication and information technology, and security
  • Correctly describe the impact cloud computing has had on the Cyber Domain
  • List at least four high value assets that are common to information and communication systems, networks, the cloud, and infrastructure

Make sure rules of grammar and usage are followed, including spelling and punctuation

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