Intro to Cyber Ethic

Information for Project – TED Talk

You will create a TED Talk, on any IT Ethics topic, with a transcript. (I just need a transcript of 1000 words only and will create my own video and publish it)

Although the average attention span of viewers is probably no more than 5 minutes, and most TED Talks are between 12 and 17 minutes, for this assignment we want you to target 7 minutes. According to the link a past student kindly provided (…) the average person speaks 150 words per minute, which would make a 1000 word talk around 7 minutes, if you’re preparing the transcript ahead of time.

Watching TED Talks others have done is the first step to creating your own TED Talk. Here are some interesting ones:……

(by a Bellevue University professor!)

Those range from 12 to 16 minutes; they are famous and can get away with that.

There are some articles that make recommendations for delivering TED Talks:

And, the list would not be complete without this one 😀

Your professor will let you know what the milestones are (different professors have different milestones), including the due date.

We’re looking for good content about your IT Ethics topic. We appreciate graceful, engaging, and entertaining presentations! The standard advice is to do your best and turn something in that you’re proud of having your name attached to 🙂

The reason we are having you do this to because everyone needs practice giving presentations, whether that’s for work or for a community organization. If you’re stuck in an elevator with someone you need to influence it’s easier to present your ideas then if you’ve practiced it now.

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