Introduction to Technology, Technology Research and Development, and Technology Transfer

Topics: Introduction to Technology, Technology Research & Development, and Technology Transfer

This week, we look at the technology development lifecycle and the role that funding and funding sources play as drivers of and/or barriers to technology invention and innovation processes. Government, businesses, and investors all develop strategies for how they will encourage, fund, and manage the development of new technologies.

A key document that you should review and reflect on during this course is: NIST GCR 02–841: Between Invention and Innovation: An Analysis of Funding for Early-Stage Technology Development. Chapter 2 is assigned in this week’s readings.

Another important question that we ask ourselves is: how does technology “escape” from the R&D lab and become available for use in product development. The formal name for this “escape” method is the technology transfer process. This process also contributes to the funding mechanisms for technology R&D.

Lastly, we take a look at some examples of emerging technologies that impact or affect cybersecurity.

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