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Calculator Application : Android

For this assignment use the Week 8 Agenda and:

  • Create the Calculator Application in Android Studio (just use the code as-is from the link in the Week 8 Agenda)
  • Set a Breakpoint in the MainActivity.javafile
  • Run the application in debug mode, display the debugging window
  • In the running application perform an illegal operation that causes the debugger to display information and values about your breakpoint
  • Take a screenshot that shows the debugging window and the information displayed in step 4 (can use Windows Snipping tool for this)
  • Add a log message to the MainActivity.javafile
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 then go to the debugger and find your log message
  • Take a screenshotthat shows the debugging window and your log message (can use Windows Snipping tool for this)
  • Using the Android Studio capture function, capture an image of your running application with the illegal math operation you performed
  • Zip and send the following files:All 3 screenshots Your file Your debug .apk file
  • I want to be able to see that you know how to use the debugger and I want to be able to run your calculator application in debug mode and generate your log message

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