​Modify the TCP server python code

Modify the TCP server python code posted above as the following:

  1. Find digits in a message received in the TCP server posted above. A TCP client must send the TCP server a message containing alpha-numeric characters (A-Z, 0-9). The server finds only numerical characters in the message and send the characters to the client.
  2. If the client sends “exit”, the connection between the client and server is terminated, and the server prints “goody bye”.

Note: Please see the detailed examples on “Project_2.pdf” posted above.

  • To run the python programs, type “python p2_tcp_server.py” on a terminal and “python p2_tcp_client.py” on another terminal.
  • Please submit your p2_tcp_server.py. You do not need to modify p2_tcp_client.py

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