Need help with computer science: cloud computing assignments

Discussion Board

Q. Some authors make the assertion that there are no new security issues with cloud computing 

at a network-, host-, or application-level. They maintain that cloud computing may exacerbate 

existing issues, but that cloud computing does not present new security issues. Do you agree with 

that assertion? Explain security issues with cloud computing.  Include how they differ from 

privacy issues.  How are organizations and CSPs overcoming those issue?  Use examples and 

references to support your answer. Provide at least one reference outside of the assigned reading.

Written assignment

There are references to security as it pertains to public and private cloud models readily available 

on the Internet. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following items for these two 

types of models:

 Description

 Application-level security issues

 Host-level security issues

 Network-level security issues

Compare and contrast the models to help your audience understand the differences.  The 

audience for your presentation will be the CFO of your organization who doesn’t have much IT 

or security experience. The presentation should be a minumum of 12 slides in length.  (The title 

slide, “Any Questions?” slide, image only slides, or References slides do not count toward the 

minimum slide number.  Only content slides count.)  Use the Notes area of PowerPoint to 

explain each slide.

Note : Please i need with out plagiarism and original content . APA formats and referneces for both of the questions .

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