Peer Response, programming homework help

When responding to your peers, provide a counterpoint to an opinion expressed by a peer, giving your reasoning.

Peer Response:

Why is it important to pay attention to the use of cookies by websites?

Cookies are small bits of data stored on a users computer. These cookies are used to remember things, such as login in information or stuff stored in a shopping cart. They also are used by third partys to create a direct advertising profile. this is why after seacrhing for a product you will see advertisments for the product you have been looking for on other sites like facebook. It is important to pay attention to cookies because an illegitamite website posing as facebook or something else can gain private information. This is called spyware.

What is the impact of technology on privacy, and how does this affect web and technology use?

Technology has had a major impact on privacy. Someone with the right skill set can steal ones information and pose as them. This makes security very important and has changed how the internet is used. there has been many security breaches from Sony, Yahoo and Target to name a few. As technology changes so does security. Many websites have started using two step authenication as added security. Not only do you need to put in the right login information but now you are sent a code via email or text message to authenticate that you are you. Privacy is a major concern for everyone and websites need to clearly state if your information will be sold to third partys. You must conset with the term and agreements, which explain the privacy agreements, before you open an account with websites.

Discuss the different approaches that the United States and The European Union have taken when it comes to privacy. Share your opinions on these two different approaches in a professional manner.

In the EU, privacy is expected and it covers everyone equally. While in the US, the privacy laws are more specific. They don’t blanket coverage everyone just certian groups. For example, the Children’s Onine Privacy Protection Act protects childrens privacy and HIPAA protects everyones medical information. The US and the EU can both learn from each other when it comes to privacy laws. The EU’s blanket coverage is better since it protects everyone equally. You don’t need to meet certain be protected.


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