Please give a substantive response to at least 100 words to three other students in regards to what they post. No plagiarism DUE DATE AND TIME: July 2, 2020 At 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (Student) victory..

Please give a substantive response to at least 100 words to three other students in regards to what they post.
No plagiarism DUE DATE AND TIME: July 2, 2020 At 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time
(Student) victor post:
What is the problem for which this technology is the solution?
As an improvement of this thought, post-humanism depends on the possibility that mankind can rise above the restrictions of the physical human structure. In the conventional sense, people were viewed as strong and apparently delegated advanced creatures, yet at the same time creatures. Along these lines, the equivalent organic and physical limitations that limit the whole set of all animal’s interface mankind to this fundamental level. Post-humanism hypothesis proposes that it is conceivable and better for people to attempt to conquer these constraints, regularly utilizing innovation to build science.
This dynamic attitude is a significant part of the human condition to be considered over the span of current record plan and specialized talk. Working under the beliefs of post-humanism necessitates that writers and makers extend the speculative and unexplored, in light of the fact that these are the territories that construct and even improve what we have just settled. So as to apply these beliefs to composing and talk, there is the possibility to join the shows of post-humanism totally and logically. Using innovation, archive architects and scholars can empower their readers to interface on an increasingly utilitarian, more normal and connecting with level than simply perusing.
The characteristics of the new media permit archives and their intelligent components to associate all the more intimately with the human brain. Along these lines, technology is utilized to improve the human experience and exploit the full scope of human capacities. New mechanical turns of events, for example, mobile phones, contact screens, electronic readers and other comparative advancements, take into account better intuitiveness and have developed the manner in which people interface with their expert and social universes. The technology has filled an openness hole that currently ensures access to documents and composing on printed paper, yet additionally on work areas, PCs, cell phones and other comparable gadgets.
“Posthumanism Theory.”Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK),
(Student) Andrea post:
What new problems might be created because we have solved this problem?
Posthumanism has some characteristics of augmented human which drew my curiosity to research these terms revealing that they deal with mechanics already used by people. These mechanism include synthetic body parts, brain surgery, breast implants, prosthetics, and mechanical aids according to researchers as a greater technology that will enhance the human productivity which brings about the new problems that might be created, treating posthumanism as a new technology.
In the article “Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature” by Rubin, (2003), the author reveals that people may or may not accept the fact that there will come a point robots will be just like us or superior to us (Moravec, 2003). It has been also noted by the author that one, we must accept that the body and mind cannot be separated from each other and two, therefore it presents a relationship between human and living things. Moravec further argues that machines will be highly intelligent to the point that commercial, military, medical, and intellectual will drive many of the advances that the extinctionists desire despite their reasons. Furthermore, the use of other technologies use as tools to enhance our personal lives, interpreting our future with posthumanism which provides universal human qualities such as stability, autonomy and freedom will raise concerns with human health at a different level.
Rubin, Charles T., “Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature,”The New Atlantis, Number 1, Spring, 2003, pp. 88-100.
(Student) Marvin post:
What is the problem for which this technology is the solution?
Nothing lasts forever. In human nature, death is inevitable. There may be a time when humans cease to exist. In the article “Westworld and the Robotic Imagination” by Siobhan Lyons, the author summarizes the concept of the show Westworld where robots will take over when humans become extinct. “…humans seek to transcend their biological limits to attain immortality, while robots struggle for their right to be considered existing beings, since their immortality is seen to invalidate their humanity” (Lyons, 2019, para. 1). A solution would be to use Artificial intelligence in robots like humans in hopes to prolong society.
Many people wonder what life is going to like in the next thousand years and will humans exist or will we even be on this planet. “We humans are very self-focused. We tend to think that being human is somehow special and important, so we ask about that, instead of asking what it means to be an elephant, or a pig, or a bird”. She describes this as a “failure of curiosity” that reveals human narcissism: “It is rather like asking, ‘What is it to be white?’. It connotes unearned privileges that have been used to dominate and exploit” (Lyons, 2019, para 3). We need to come to reality that in order to preserve humans, we need to create new technological innovations to keep us on this planet for years to come.
The philosopher Gunther Anders coined the term “Promethean Shame” which is the feeling of embarrassment of the limitations of humans. Humans are always looking for ways to surpass these limits and become “superhuman”. We see examples of this in the prosthetic industry where we have created technology to replace limbs in order to sustain some quality of life. If we can Implement AI into robots that are immortal and that can transcend the abilities of humans, I see society lasting thousands of years barring something catastrophic such as a meteor striking the earth. A new species will be made.
Lyons, S. (2019, August 01). Westworld and the Robotic Imagination. Retrieved from
DUE DATE AND TIME: July 2, 2020 At 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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