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Based on the description of PBL(problem based learning) Below, answer the following questions with minimum of 650 words and 5 references

  • What are your overall thoughts on PBL?
  • What ideas and plans do you have about approaching each of the 3 main phases and related tasks?
  • What are the pros and cons of PBL?


  1. Understand the problem.
    • Meet the problem: Orient yourself to the problem.
    • Determine what is known and what needs to be known or discovered.
    • Define the problem statement: What exactly is the problem?
  2. Explore the available information.
    • Collect information from a variety of sources.
    • Share and document information from discovery.
    • Generate possible solutions for comparison and consideration.
  3. Resolve the problem.
    • Determine the solution that best fits.
    • Present and justify the solution.
    • Debrief the problem with a conclusion and the lessons that you learned.

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