Preparing a White Paper on Product Selenium, computer science homework help

Prepare a white paper (at least five pages long and in your own words) on Product Selenium to include:

  • Title Page
  • Attribution Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Type of Testing Tool and Problems being Tested
  • Infrastructure Needed to Run the Tools
  • Description of the Tool and How It Works
  • Independent Reviews
  • Potential Costs
  • Conclusion
  • Links

Content Details

All pages must have an appropriate header and footer including your last name, date, and page number. The paper must be submitted as a .pdf document.

There are good examples of white papers on the Internet. Search on the phrase “white paper” and read a few. Compare how they handle their subjects. By and large, the most useful white papers offer information at the same time that they attempt to convince you of their product’s worth.

Content Details

  • Title Page: The title page should be “inviting” as this is a marketing document and should include an appropriate image and an appropriate title, including the subject of the white paper. It must also include whether the document is draft or final. Note: you must provide a link to any image you download from the Internet
  • Attribution Page: This page should be the technical aspects of the paper including your name, your credentials, the Marymount logo, word count for entire document, the date of writing, and the Honor Pledge.
  • Table of Contents: The TOC should be auto generated and exactly match the section headers above.
  • Executive Summary: A one- or two-paragraph description of what the white paper is about. Simply tell the reader what the purpose of the paper is. Customers frequently read only this and conclusion of white papers, so provide material that gives them a good reason to read the details.
  • Type of Testing Tool and Problems being Tested: Describe the purpose of the testing tool e.g. load testing) and describe what problem the tool will solve over doing the process manually
  • Infrastructure Needed to Run the Tool: describe the infrastructure that will be needed to run the tool, either in-house or using cloud computing
  • Description of the Tool and How It Works: describe what the tool does and how it works (including 2 or more screen shots). This should be the longest part of your white paper and be easy to understand. The statements should be straightforward and succinct: avoiding jargon, complex sentence structure, and technical terms.
  • Independent Reviews: List at least two independent reviews of the tool, summarizing the reviewer’s comments.
  • Potential Costs: estimate the total costs (initial costs and maintenance costs) to acquire the tool for your development environment (54 developers, 8 testers, and 2 project managers). Also include information on any available demonstrations and any available free trials.
  • Conclusion: A two-paragraph summary of why the testing tool would be effective.
  • Links: APA formatted references to at least 5 links (must work from document), a short summary of why the link is applicable, and what type of information it refers to. The links should be to the tool owner and to reviewers of that software (Wikipedia is not a valid link). Also provide your search strategy (terms you looked for and the search engine(s) used)

I’m going to upload you a couple of examples for the White Paper.

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