programming assignment

For this assignment you are implementing a system for detecting trends in consumer products over a 48 hour period. We are interested in knowing which products are purchased and sold, the least and most, by various retail stores throughout the United States.

the data.csv is like this

Units Type Transaction
9000 iPhone6s Purchased
8000 Galaxys6 Sold
1000 XboxOne Sold
3000 XboxOne Purchased
5000 iPhone6s Sold
6000 Galaxys6 Purchased
11000 WiiU Sold
2000 WiiU Purchased
20000 Playstation4 Sold
13000 Playstation4 Purchased
10000 iPadAir2 Sold
19000 SurfacePro4 Purchased
15000 SurfacePro4 Sold
12000 iPadAir2 Purchased

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