Daniel is a 16 year old boy who is an identical twin. He and his brother Jeff are very close and do most things together. While Daniel excels at sports he believe his brother is much better at most everything. Daniel, his brother, and their two sisters live with their parents in the Midwest. Recently Daniel has been feeling more tired than usual. He thought it was because of his schedule and school work, which he is fairly good at. He gets mostly Bs, but his grades have been slipping of late. One day he fainted while getting ready for a game. His coach called his parents to let them know Daniel was taken to the Emergency Room. While there the doctor decided to admit Daniel to the hospital for observation. At the time he was running a slight fever, his breathing was shallow, and he was sweating. He was also very sleepy and his blood pressure was high. He did have some abnormal laboratory work, but his doctor was not too concerned at present. Daniel also stated that he felt achy. You are assigned to take care of Daniel today and when you walk into his room, his mother and brother Jeff are there. Daniel appears to be sleeping., respond to the following questions applying the nursing process:Assessment: What type of objective and subjective data can you collect with what you know? How will you collect these data? What further evidence do you need?Analysis and Identification of the Problem: What do you believe Daniel’s problem(s) are? What is the priority nursing diagnosis? Write ONE nursing diagnosis in the proper format. Use the following for identification.Planning: Identify two goals and four nursing interventions for the nursing diagnosis. You need a reference for your nursing interventions. While you will not be able toimplementorevaluate, how well do you think your nursing interventions might help with Daniel’s care.Apa PaperAdditional ResourceNurse’s Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions, and Rationales

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