Reflection and Refraction

  1. Reflection and Refraction

    Many large trucks have signs on the back that say something like “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you”.  Explain the physics involved in the statement.


  1. A person in a dark room can clearly see a person outside in the daylight, but the person in the daylight cannot see the person inside.  Why is that?


  1. What is the advantage of having matte (nonglossy) pages in a book rather than pages with a glossier surface.


  1. Which kind of road surface is easier to see when driving at night: a pebbled uneven surface, or a mirror smooth surface.  Explain your choice.


  1. Images formed by reflection from the following mirrors can be  (1) Real, or  (2) Virtual;  (3) Upright, or (4) Inverted.   List all the possible combinations of these four descriptions for each of these mirrors:

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