Short Answer Questions About Techinal Service Management

Note that the guide for APA referencing is provided in the Resource section of the Interact2 site.

Answers MUST be written in your own words. If an answer contains more than 20% direct quote (referenced or unreferenced) marks will be deducted for this question. One or two sentence answers will be too short and only receive low marks. Answers longer than 1.5 pages (12 point font, single line spacing) may incur a penalty if too much non-relevant information is stated.

Question 1 (5 Marks)

Research and describe the feature differences between Windows Server 2016 compared to Windows 10 Pro. A table may be used.

Question 2 (5 Marks)

You have been hired as a technology intern by the IT department of a small sized company, Sloth Industries. The company is currently running desktops with Windows Vista. One of the first tasks you have been assigned is to prepare for an upgrade for all computers to Windows 10. Write a report to your manager detailing the system requirements for installing or upgrading to Windows 10. Your answer should be detailed and include all hardware and software requirements. Also include issues that users may face with such a large jump from Vista to Windows 10.

Question 3 (5 Marks)

You have now been hired by Trans Laters, a training organisation, to develop a training session on “Security Essentials in Windows 10” for Sloth Industries (see Question 2). Your manager has asked you to prepare the 1st training session to familiarise staff with the new security features of Windows 10 (compared to Vista).

Using your preferred Internet search engine, prepare a training document to deliver your training. In your document, you should include definitions of terms used, brief descriptions and figures where appropriate. You must reference the sources utilised, using the CSU APA referencing style.

Question 4 (5 Marks)

a) What is NAT?

b) Why is it considered a useful security tool?

Question 5 (5 Marks)

a) Describe the role of the Windows Registry.

b) List some issues that would require editing the Registry.

c) What some dangers of editing the Registry.

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