Software Production


For this assignment, you will identify the requirements for the project you selected in the first week. You will also perform a requirements analysis to help solidify the requirements and prepare the path for the design of the software. Finally, you will prepare the design based on the requirements.

  • Requirements:
    • Describe the approach that you will take to gather the requirements for the project.
    • Work through the steps in your requirements gathering process, and define the requirements for your project. Be sure to provide a sufficient number of high-level requirements (at least 10) to allow design of the application to proceed.
    • Describe the requirements elicitation process used and whether each requirement is functional or nonfunctional.
    • Requirements should be stated in measurable terms. At a minimum, the requirements should each include a description, rationale, measurement criterion, and priority.
    • Include an analysis of your requirements to ensure that the most important requirements are included, and summarize your conclusions.
  • Design:
    • Describe the overall architecture of your application.
    • Identify each of the major components of the application, and describe how they will work together. A component diagram should be used to illustrate the architecture, and a UML class diagram should be provided to show the class hierarchy and relationships for the application.
    • Provide at least 1 use case for each component to demonstrate how the component will be used in the application.
    • Prepare a visual design for the main screen of your application.
    • Address any data management requirements in your design.

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