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1. Critical Thinking/Analysis

Define and discuss the four types of black-box testing techniques.

What types of testing are most suitable for each technique?

Analysis should be at least 150 and less than 250 words.

2. Black Box Test Design Exercise

Assignment Description: Using the parking calculation application scenario, for each of the four black-box testing techniques, identify at least one example of how you might test this application. Consider using a table format to show your equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis and decision table test cases. A diagram or process flow may be more suitable for your state transition test(s).

Use Tables 4.1 to 4.9 as a guide, as well as Figure 4.2

3. Weekly Discussion Forum Posts

Post an original thread of 300 to 450 words in response to the following topic in this week’s discussion forum. (20 points)

Discussion Forum Topic: How might use cases and use case testing be an effective black-box testing technique? Why or why not, and in what situations?

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