Term Paper

5 page term paper on a topic related to IT Security: Privacy Policies.Term paper written in a Word document and then upload it for grading.In addition to the 5 pages of the paper itself, you must include a title page and a reference page.Your title page must include the title of your paper, the date, the name of the course, your name, and your instructor’s name.You must have a minimum of 5 outside sources.Your reference page must be written in APA citation style, Arial or Time New Roman styles, 12-point font.Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side, and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations.Original work. Paraphrases of others’ work must include attributions to the authors.Limit quotations to an average of no more than 3-5 lines, and use quotations sparingly.It is always better to write the information in your own words than to directly quote.Submitting, it will automatically run through Turnitin for review.PAPERS WITH AN ORIGINALITY REPORT FROM TURNITIN OVER 15% OR OVER 2% FROM A SINGLE SOURCE WILL RESULT IN A ZERO GRADE.Synthesis of Concepts = 50Fulfilled Assignment Requirements = 25Writing Standards – APA Format = 15Timeliness = 10

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