UNIT: Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams

Individual Project

Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams

Assignment Description

You will continue development of the object-oriented design for the ordering system. The new content this week will be the Sequence and Collaboration Diagram for the system.

Create a Sequence and Collaboration diagram for each use case that was identified in Week 1. Correctly identify the objects and methods and the sequences and collaborations. Begin by creating the sequence diagrams. Then, convert the sequence diagrams to collaboration diagrams.

Project Deliverables:

  • Update the Object-Oriented Design Document title page with the new date.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
  • Create the Sequence and Collaboration diagrams for each use case identified in Week 1.
    • All objects should be identified in the diagrams, including other system objects.
    • Identify all methods needed to complete a use case.
    • Number all of the steps in a sequence to show the order in which the methods are called.
    • Convert the sequence diagram to a collaboration diagram.
    • Add all links and notations to the collaboration diagram.
    • Create a brief narrative explaining the sequence diagrams. The narrative should be written for someone who does not understand how to read a sequence diagram.
    • There should be 1 sequence diagram and 1 collaboration diagram for each of the use cases identified. (4)
    • Include all sequence and collaboration diagrams and the narrative. Submit them in a paper of 1–3 pages. This submission will be Section 3 of the Key Assignment.
  • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission. Below is the attachment for the next section of this assignment

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