Unit VI Risk Assessment/ OSH

Unit VI Project Risk Assessment for Metal Lathe You have been asked to conduct a risk assessment for a metal lathe operation. The Job Hazard Analysis has already been completed, and hazards for the operation have been identified. The task steps and hazards have been entered on the risk assessment form. Click here to access it. To complete the project, you will need to address the following criteria: 1. For each hazard listed, estimate its severity and likelihood using the risk matrix on page 283 of the course textbook. This initial estimation assumes no risk control tactics are applied. Use the matrix to assign a risk rating based on the estimated severity and likelihood. Enter these numbers in the appropriate initial risk columns on the form. 2. Implement one or more risk-reduction tactics for each hazard using the hierarchy of controls method. Describe these OSH 4520, Risk Management 2 tactics in the appropriate column on the form. 3. Analyze the severity, likelihood, and risk rating after risk control tactics are applied, again using the risk matrix on page 283 of the textbook. Enter the numbers in the residual risk columns. 4. In the comments section of the form, summarize the changes in risks that resulted after control tactics were applied and whether the risks have been reduced to an acceptable or tolerable level. Are there any additional actions that you recommend be taken? The discussion section must be at least 200 words. 5. Finally, when saving the file, use this file naming convention: LastName_BOS4520_Unit6RA.doc

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