University of Cumberlands Legal Regulations Compliance & Investigation HW

APA FORMAT, 5 pages double spaced, grammarly check, plagiarism checker, 3 powerpoint presentation

The Internet has become an integrated component of the learning process of children. Children have neither the maturity to understand the consequences of their actions, nor the knowledge to protect themselves so it is up to us to protect children when they are accessing the Internet. Dangers to children lurk on the Internet from sex traffickers to kiddie porn developers to simply cyber-bullying. There are numerous laws currently in place to protect children. It is not possible in today’s learning environment to restrict children from accessing the Internet. That places any child so restricted at a terrible disadvantage in the learning process. Plus, these children will have to learn about the dangers so that they can be responsible adults and protect themselves when they grow mature enough to do so. Develop a hypothesis and support with research. Are we going far enough with our current laws or do we need to expand the current protection laws in place? If you believe we should expand the laws, what laws would you pass to enhance our children’s safety?

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