Webster University Encryption Attracts Hackers

Please number your answers so they correspond to the questions listed below.

After each answer (or clearly state within the answer) the source(s) used. Although form and style is not considered in grading of this assignment, it may be a good opportunity to practice APA form and style rules for citing sources.

  1. Many sources state that encryption attracts hackers as it is a flag that something is being hidden.
    1. When should you encrypt?
    2. What is the difference between encryption and a digital signature?
  2. Explain why key length is important with encryption. Would this same length concept apply to passwords?
  3. Look at the PATRIOT ACT.
    1. What impact has this act had on Information Systems Security?
    2. What are the advantages of PATRIOT ACT for Law Enforcement?
    3. Do you think the PATRIOT ACT infringes on individual rights?(Student Opinion, no source required)

    Submit your answers in Word or RTF format.

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