Week 2 Chapters 4 & 5

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Chapter 5

Chapter 4 


Prepare a 2- or 3-page paper for this assignment.

Select an information system for development that would
benefit your workplace or a workplace from a case study. Prepare a plan for
determining the feasibility of the systems development.

Note. This information system selected for
development may be used as the focus of assignments in some of the weeks to
come. (If it is deemed not appropriate based on feedback received later, this
information system may be changed in later weeks). Also, include citing and references.

Executive Summary Draft

Create a 2-page draft outline of an executive summary that
identifies the areas of the business to be improved and identifies the purpose
of the project and the overall development approach of this information system.

Need only Introduction and conclusion. One paragraph for each.

Need this by Saturday on June 21st

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