week 8 630

Questions/RequirementsExplain in detail what is meant by the backdating and repricing of stock options.  Be specific.Conduct research regarding a SEC investigation of Apple backdating its stock options and the deposition of Steve Jobs.  Summarize in your own words the results of that disposition.  Did anyone at Apple get into trouble with the SEC in regards to the backdating of the stock options?  If so, who and why?Comment on the ethics of backdating stock options.  Summarize the best and most authoritative literature you can find on this subject.  Do you believe that either the backdating or the repricing, or the combination of backdating and repricing at the same time, constitutes an act of fraud?  Why or why not?  Be specific.  This is the most important question in the homework assignment for this week, so make sure your research and answers are well grounded, explained, and written.  Cite sources.

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